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Question Time

Anusha Mutty

Tax Officer - Gambling Unit, MSTD

meets with Sameer Dulmeer, Leader of the Royal Eagles team.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Tahil Aubeeluck. I joined the Customs Department In January 2016, and I am actually undergoing a one year training program.

How did you find MRASWA and the Team Challenge?

I first learnt about the team challenge on MRAWSA page on facebook. At that time, I didn’t have much knowledge what it was all about. It was only after going through the MRASWA website that I gathered more information about the event. Going through the pictures of the previous editions really aroused my interest in the event. From this point, I contacted Mr Ujoodha who has been of great help to me and my team and he briefed us about how the event would eventually be.

"We really had an amazing moment at Le Meridien. We 

were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t even know how time went by so quickly "

What motivated you for Team Challenge?

I am really fascinated by team work, and given that the event was all about team spirit and unanimity, it definitely motivated me to participate. When I informed the rest of my team members about the event, they immediately agreed to and were all really excited about it.

How was the Phoenix Warriors team created?

As I mentioned earlier, I am a new recruit, and we are actually moving in groups of 8 in different sections at Customs for our one year trainee-ship. There were already 7 of us who were keen to participate, and we, later, had another 4 friends from another group who wanted to join us. Hence, we found it better to create a new team of new recruits which eventually allowed us to strengthen the bond between us. This is how the team PHOENIX WARRIORS was born.

How was the preparation of your Team?

First of all, we viewed the information, photos and clips on the MRAWSA website to get an overview of the event. After several brainstorming sessions with our team members, we eventually came up with the name PHOENIX WARRIORS as well as a theme colour and song. I, along with three of my team members, attended the meetings organized at Ehram Court where we gathered more information about the event and cleared any doubts we had. Regarding our Tshirts, we had to make several rounds in the streets of Port Louis to finally get the exact colour and design we were looking for. It was these moments spent together with the team members during the preparation of the event that brought us closer to each other.

And what was your first impression on the D day at Le Merdien Hotel?

After all the preparations, we were all very excited when the D day arrived. All our team members reached early at the location, and really appreciated the warm welcome that we received. We started the day with photo sessions, posing and enjoying the breathtaking view of the hotel and its surroundings. Given that my teammates and I work at the Customs House, we barely meet staffs from Ehram Court. This event gave us the opportunity to meet and interact with our fellow colleagues from Ehram Court. We made new friends and it was an enriching experience for all of us. During the event, we laid emphasis on our communication skills and unconditional support and motivation for each other while performing each activity.

How were the activities?

We really enjoyed each and every activity organized. They were really fun, interesting, some demanding in terms of energy and team work. A special mention to the event involving the kayak and decryption of the code which all of us really appreciated since it was really fun, fast paced, and most importantly involved all our team members.

The final word?

We really had an amazing moment at Le Meridien. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t even know how time went by so quickly. Everything was so perfect from the activities, the yummy food, to the friendliness and support of the hotel staffs, the music and the small dances in between the activities. My team and I are already looking forward to the next edition of team challenge which we are sure will be even more fun and successful. A big thank you to the organizing committee specially Mr Ujoodha for his great support.


Tahil Aubeeluck

Tahil Aubeeluck

Phoenix Warriors