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Question Time

Anusha Mutty

Tax Officer - Gambling Unit, MSTD

meets with Sameer Dulmeer, Leader of the Royal Eagles team.

Can you tell us about yourself for those who do not know you?

My name is Sameer Dulmeer and I am currently working at the Research Policy & Planning Department as Research Analyst since 2007. Prior to that, I was in Customs as former Customs & Excise Officer.

How did you find MRASWA and the Team Challenge?

During my stint at Customs, there was already a "Customs & Excise Officers Staff Club" where I have really benefited from numerous indoor and outdoor activities held for staff welfare. Then with the coming into operation of the Mauritius Revenue Authority and my posting at Ehram Court, I came to know about the existence of the MRA Staff Welfare Association through the postings on notice boards inviting participation in varied interesting events.

One such event which really caught my attention was the "Team Challenge" which was held for the first time in 2013 at the Gymkhana Ground at Vacoas. I may proudly add that I was one among the pioneer members who kick-started that annual event. Going down in memory lane, I still cherish those good times where we had to mount up competitive team and coordinate all our efforts to organise a team competition. All those moments were priceless.

"the first ever Team Challenge was such a real success that it was the only topic of conversation at the office for days and since then it has become the "event" which many staff members look forward to attend every year."

What motivated you for Team Challenge?

Like I said, the first ever Team Challenge was such a real success that it was the only topic of conversation at the office for days and since then it has become the "event" which many staff members look forward to attend every year. This team challenge is for me a perfect platform to make more acquaintances with other colleagues from other departments whom I seldom meet and greet and also a rare occasion to reunite with my fellow Customs friends who have been out of sight. In short, the team challenge favours camaraderie, team spirit and solidarity.

How was the Royal Eagles team created?

When the first "Team Challenge" was launched, it was the helm of our debate among comrades traveling to work in the same van. It was there that the idea of creating a team germinated and gradually we all started searching for a team name, logo and colour. Finally, the Royal Eagles appellation had the approbation of the majority and myself being an unconditional supporter of Manchester United proposed the red colour. The "Eagles" as the logo was just the perfect piece completing that puzzle. The rest is now just history...

How the preparation of your team went on?

The fact that everyday most of us travel in the same van favours a good coordination among ourselves. We had our daily brainstorming sessions where the tasks were shared among respective members. We also identified those who would be competing in team games involving physical dexterity and others who would participate in less strenuous tasks. But the idea was that everyone in the team should participate. Our objective is focussed on TEAM participation...i.e. - Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)!

Your opinion on the latest edition held at Le Meridien Hotel?

I personally believe that the latest edition has exceeded my expectation. Hats off to all those people who have been working hard behind the scene - that is the organising committee, the staff supervising the event and hotel personnel. Everything was just perfect - the games, venue, food, amenities etc. On that day I could see a smile on everyone's face; leaving behind and forgetting for a moment all our daily chores, office stress and preoccupations.

The final word

I have a special word of appreciation for Noordin Quoraishi, who is our team captain and Akshay Bhageeruthy, our event captain, for their unflinching support. A very big thanks also to all my team members. Last but not least, hearty congratulations to the MRASWA - Keep it up!


Sameer Dulmeer

Sameer Dulmeer

Royal Eagles