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It does not make sense to hire smart people, and then have them follow stupid rules

Employees and bad jobs

The emotional and psychological effects of negative work environment. read more

Our series of learning videos is available to our members only. We have a wide variety of explainer videos on tax issues relating to income tax, value added tax and gambling taxes. Our QUICK LESSONS short videos, with their simplicity help you learn on the go, anywhere and anytime. You can test your knowledge by taking a challenge to our MULTIPLE CHOICE video series, and embark on the more challenging CASE STUDIES involving discussion, evaluation and application of tax rules in complex real life situations.

Together we care

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it... read more

Animal care

The voiceless cannot ask for help. Very often they are abandoned and left to die. Fortunately, there are people.. read more

EOY Family Night

Enjoy the moments of your life. Join us in our annual get-together.
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